Justin Peck scores $6000 Tezos All Star Circuit of Champions win at Bloomsburg Fair Raceway; Wingless Sportsman main to Tony Jackson

(BLOOMSBURG 8-24-22): The Tezos All Star Circuit of Champions presented by Mobil 1 rolled into Bloomsburg Fair Raceway on Wednesday for a $6000-to-win main event which was part of the ASCoC Tri-State Summer Swing and scoring his second straight and series leading seventh win of the season was Monrovia, Indiana’s Justin Peck.

In the accompanying Wingless Sportsman feature Tony Jackson of Newville scored the nonstop 20-lapper.

When the green flag dropped to begin the ASCoC feature outside front row starter Justin Peck outran pole sitter Cap Henry as the field exited Turn 2 while Kyle Reinhardt and Danny Dietrich went toe-to-two for second.

Three laps into the event the caution was out for Jordon Thomas who spun in Turn 4. When the action resumed Peck once again led while Reinhardt, Dietrich, point leader Tyler Courtney and April Bloomsburg winner Anthony Macri made up the top five.

On a lap four restart Courtney advanced to third and then began a torrid battle with Reinhardt for second.

Meanwhile leader Peck was solidly running a good race and by lap nine had approached slower traffic. As he did the Reinhardt/Courtney battle was quite heated and when they too reached the back-markers the runner-up spot flipped over to Courtney.

Once in second Courtney worked feverously to race with Peck and had a few opportunities late in the going when lapped cars came into play. But, once all was cleared Peck showed the way and held on for a car length margin of victory.

“There was pretty much just a lane and a half where you could enter in and get away from the lapped traffic and you kind of had to be conservative at times,” said Peck, who sits second in points to Courtney.

“The longer the race went we just kept digging deeper and deeper and figure out how to get around. It was tough but our 13 car was fast all night.”

Marci raced his way into third by the midway point but could advance no further. Dietrich and Reinhardt would round out the top five.

Heat race wins went to Zeb Wise, Reinhardt and Dietrich.

The Wingless Sportsman made an impressive debut at Bloomsburg as they reeled off their 20-lap feature in a caution free time of 6:25.

At the outset second starting Trent Yoder grabbed the early lead while a fast moving Jackson took control of second and within short order was nipping at the heels of the leader.

Continuing to keep up the pressure, Jackson pulled alongside Yoder going down the back straight on lap six and by the time they competed the circuit he had the lead.

Afterwards he set sail but behind him there ensured a terrific battle for second between Yoder and Eric Jennings. After running off several side-by-side laps Jennings was able to hustle by on lap 11. He then began to pull close to Jackson and made some thrilling attempts near the end of the race.

However, once Jackson realized he was in jeopardy of being passed he turned on the afterburners and shook off Jennings to take a half-second victory. Yoder settled for third with Brett Perigo and Steve Wilbur competing the top five.

Heats wins went to Jackson and Yoder.


All Star Sprints feature finish (30 laps): 1. Justin Peck, 2. Tyler Courtney, 3. Anthony Macri, 4. Danny Dietrich, 5. Kyle Reinhardt, 6. Gio Scelzi, 7. Zeb Wise, 8. Cap Henry, 9. Bill Balog, 10. Mark Smith, 11. Chris Windom, 12. Ryan Smith, 13. Jordon Thomas, 14. Hunter Schuerenberg, 15. Cole Macedo, 16. Domenic Melair, 17. Davie Franek, 18. Devon Borden DNS: Derek Hauck


Wingless Sportsman feature finish (20 laps): 1. Tony Jackson, 2. Eric Jennings, 3. Trent Yoder, 4. Brett Perigo, 5. Steve Wilbur, 6. Paul Kline, 7. Matt Cisney, 8. Brian Nace, 9. Chad Thomas, 10. Blake Brooks, 11. Troy Fraker, 12. Ricky Rutt, 13. Kevin Gutshall, 14. Bob Gutshall, 15. Adam Meier

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